Eduscape Launches Data Analytics Practice for Districts to Assess Student Engagement

Shannon Stout
October 1, 2020

Partnership with Schoolytics Mitigates Learning Loss


MONTVALE, NJ (October 1, 2020) – Schools and districts seeking to effectively assess student engagement during hybrid or remote learning, and during regular classroom instruction, now have a solution from Eduscape, the leader in professional learning. The data analytics practice leans on Schoolytics to simplify data collection, aggregation, and analysis to quickly generate insights to student learning trends and patterns observed from educational institutions who use the G Suite for Education platform.

Schoolytics analyzes student engagement data and course content to summarize grades, completion rates, and overall student performance. The platform tracks patterns in student engagement and performance over time, identifying learning disengagement. Eduscape will review the data with schools to help address learning loss as it’s happening, instead of waiting till the end of the learning cycle. “School leaders have been inundated for years with the latest and greatest data production applications; however, there is a difference between data for data’s sake versus actionable data that can be used in real-time to advance student learning outcomes. By analyzing the data that Schoolytics provides, our team can identify engagement gaps at the source and deliver professional learning solutions to address the issue(s).” stated Alex Urrea, Founder and CEO of Eduscape.

Schoolytics reduces time spent organizing classroom data and manually creating charts and reports, helping educators quickly generate insights to student engagement and learning outcomes. The platform’s tools allow educators to make data-driven decisions and improve student opportunities and learning results.

“Schoolytics provides the data insights needed to integrate educational technology and understand how to support students in any type of learning environment. Administrators and student support teams can identify learners in need of remediation and determine trends in technology use. Educators can access their Schoolytics Google Classroom information to gather insights on student progress and make informed instructional decisions,” stated Erin Sailor, Director of Professional Learning for Eduscape.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Eduscape. They clearly have a talented, thoughtful team that understands how data can be leveraged in schools. We will continue to build a powerful set of data-oriented tools to enable schools to have easier access to information, but I am most looking forward to our collaboration in helping to build data-driven cultures in schools. This is a tough organizational challenge, but a meaningful endeavor that many organizations are moving towards, particularly with the increased adoption of digital learning tools.” stated Aaron Wertman, Founder and CEO of Schoolytics. 

Student engagement is multi-faceted, characterized by behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement. Engagement at the level of the school includes student connectedness or bonding. Student participation in class, completion of coursework, and proper teacher feedback have strong, proven links to attendance, test scores, and graduation. Schoolytics compares competency learning patterns across lessons to understand differences between topics and classrooms.

“If educators are to rethink learning to create and support innovative, student-centered classrooms, the effective use of data must be a critical element in the process. Data must be used to inform strategy; engagement gaps can then be addressed through a variety of strategies including more targeted professional development for teachers. Data tells a story, in this case it will provide a useful backstory to each and every student’s engagement level and then we can share those stories with teachers to improve engagement, center learning on the student, and minimize learning loss at the source in real time.” stated Urrea.

About Schoolytics

Schoolytics is a Google Partner for Education that provides educational organizations with a unique classroom analytics and AI platform that measures, monitors, and manages student engagement. The platform’s various dashboards allow users to utilize data and automated alert systems to identify risks and learning patterns associated with their students.

About Eduscape

Eduscape is a social innovation company and the leading professional learning organization in the United States. We partner with exceptional educational organizations to deliver the highest quality learner-centered programs that empower educators to elevate their practice, rethink learning and bring innovation into their classrooms. Our team is comprised of former educators who strive to be exceptional agents of quality professional development for all learners. For more information, visit

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