Eduscape Global Expands Offerings for Foreign EdTech Companies

Shannon Stout
December 16, 2021

MONTVALE, NJ (December 16, 2021) - Eduscape Global is launching a new service dedicated to supporting educational companies outside the U.S. who plan to enter (or have unsuccessfully entered) the North American market. The initiative will be led by Malgorzata Celarek, an international business development and marketing executive.

Every year, hundreds of educational companies and EdTech startups outside the U.S. want to enter the largest education market in the world. The global EdTech market is expected to grow 20% year-to-year, and increase by USD 112.39 billion through 2025. There are 4,530 active EdTech startups in India alone. The recurring challenge is that a majority of these companies enter the market with a lack of insight into the vast differences between the U.S. and other global EDU markets. The fragmented nature of the market, localized decision-making and varying standards state-by-state create challenges that Edtech companies do not experience in their home or regional markets. Despite a record $3.2 billion of venture capital entering the EDU market in 2021 alone, the number of losers continue to outpace the winners. Eduscape wants to help companies with great potential reach educators and students successfully with exemplary offerings.

“We are approached regularly by educational companies from outside the U.S. seeking primarily distribution, sales representation and/or branding strategy. Those however, should be the final steps. First, they need to determine market viability for their products or services, alignment to standards and ensure that pedagogical support and professional development are in place. They must understand whether their offering solves a problem that needs to be addressed in our educational systems, otherwise their tenure will be short-lived.” stated Alex Urrea, Founder and CEO of Eduscape and Eduscape Global.

Eduscape Global will provide a partner that emerging foreign Edtech companies can trust; a partner that is driven by being a conduit for quality solutions for education, not just generating consulting revenue. “There are so many truly mission-driven companies in the EdTech space globally who need direct and honest feedback on how to maximize success. We will advise on the optimal path(s) forward, including if there is no path at the time, or if their product needs some further development.” stated Urrea.

The initiative will be led by Malgorzata “Gosia” Celarek, a dynamic leader who has led two business units at the Polish office of Edelman Global, the largest U.S. communications consultancy.

“Gosia approached me with a great, well thought-out business plan to offer our knowledge for such companies outside the U.S. and form a separate business line that she can lead. This was perfect timing – the market is growing, the post-pandemic funds are shaking the educational market worldwide and creating opportunities that have never been seen before. She is  a passionate, talented leader with great marketing, sales experience, as well as hands-on knowledge of start-up cultures. I’m delighted Gosia has joined the team.” – stated Urrea. 

Eduscape Global’s services for companies outside the U.S. will span across five categories: 

  • Market (US market orientation and audits)

  • Product (US standards alignment, professional development, product development)

  • Marketing (marketing and communication strategy, customer development process, product market fit, campaigns, PR, webinars, etc.)

  • Sales (sales strategy, including distribution and sales team development)

  • Investors (fundraising strategy and matchmaking)

“I was with such a foreign company that was looking for somebody that could guide us through the specifics of the U.S. market. I needed a counselor who would not only set up a channel partner strategy, but above all, would examine if our product is ready and if it meets U.S. standards as well as cultural requirements. Thanks to Eduscape’s knowledge, I was assured that we understood the market and we were ready to have talks with all the buyer personas. Now we will help other companies outside the U.S. to do their homework before they launch or relaunch here.  We will help them to enter the U.S. market and succeed.” – stated Małgorzata Celarek, Chief Growth Officer, Eduscape Global.

Eduscape will be offering 360° preparation for a successful market entry including an option for sales representation, but this will be reserved for only a limited number of the companies.

Full North American support is offered, including the US and Canada where Eduscape Global has representation.

Visit for more information or to schedule an introductory meeting.

About Eduscape

Eduscape is the leading professional learning solutions provider to K-12 education, with a mission to advance student outcomes by empowering and inspiring educators to rethink learning. The company is comprised almost entirely of former educators who have delivered exemplary professional learning solutions to nearly 1,000,000 educators across 48 states and 13 countries. Eduscape Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eduscape seeks to take a more pragmatic approach in supporting the next great products for educators and students being developed outside the U.S. that help to Rethink Learning®

About Małgorzata Celarek

A dynamic leader with 20 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, startup founder & mentor. She has led two separate business units for Edelman, Poland – a local subsidiary of Edelman Global – the biggest U.S. communication consultancy. Gosia has successfully closed more than 100 marketing and communication projects from local, European and worldwide clients. She was responsible for international business development for a Polish start-up with the biggest focus on building its presence in the U.S. market. She has been hired to drive transformation across startups and mature organizations, by penetrating new markets, competitive positioning, new product development, increasing market share and above all accelerating revenue growth.

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