Drawp for School provides an online integrated platform for all learners designed to support English language
development in a remote, hybrid and traditional learning environment.

What does it offer for learners?


• The tool offers unique ways that allow learners to express themselves in multiple ways.
• Files can easily be imported from Google Classroom, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, as well as Dropbox and OneDrive.
• Offers patented voice sticker technology, as well as the ability to input text, attach stickers, and/or stamps.

What does it offer for educators?


• Embedded bilingual scaffolds for English language learners and can be used with any subject.
• Tools are designed with ELs and all students in mind from grades K-12.
• Provides educators with editable questions and sentence frames that can be tailored to any content for the learner.
• Organized by ELD proficiency level, and the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to help support learners based on their emerging, expanding and bridging ELD skills.
• Offers Multiple Resources to help make lessons and engaging activities easy.

Resource Marketplace


Find ready-made lesson plans that align with state content standards, all grade levels and various subjects.


Educators can add assignments to their own resource library or apply a pre-made lesson plan to one of their own assignments.


Users can even create their own lessons and share them with the Drawp community to make them available to other teachers.



Graphic Organizers
Available in both English and Spanish


Drawp for School has built-in graphic organizers to quickly create maps, flow charts, tables, time charts and more.


Easily create a fillable clock to teach time telling or a timeline for students to recap a book or story.


Both libraries make it easy to create lessons and engage your students in just a few clicks.


Language Scaffolding Tool


Quickly and easily scaffold assignments with Drawp’s exclusive scaffolding and accessibility tools, so all of your students can attain content mastery.


This tool was designed to support English Language Development. It uses Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to generate questions and sentence frames that can be used across a variety of lessons.


Each level allows educators to extend their practices by breaking up the questions and sentence frames into lower and higher order thinking skills. You can click on any level to view and add questions or sentence frames to an existing assignment or to a new assignment.


The Language Scaffolding Tool is divided into three language development levels:


Emerging | Expanding | Bridging


Using the Language Scaffolding Tool allows learners to build their existing language skills and knowledge.

The real magic happens in practice. Drawp for School gives students a chance at having a common experience through technology without relying solely on teacher capacity.

Mike McCormick, Supt. Val Verde Unified SD

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