Strategic Planning & Design with District Leaders

District Partners

Eduscape is helping districts to Rethink Learning by serving as a partner in an effort to identify and solve educational problems that are impeding progress in our schools.  In order to do that, we help districts focus on specific, identifiable problems, and providing research-based solutions that involve changes in practice and pedagogy for the entire instructional team.  By building a plan, staying closely connected through the training, and measuring the results, Eduscape is able to ensure positive results that change culture and academic performance.

Connecting Locally for a Collective Impact

Education in the United States is one of our most important assets, and also one of the most challenging when it comes to navigating the many stakeholders.  Whether it is partnering key constituents at the building level (principals, teachers, students and parents, or connecting with community leaders (superintendents, school boards, city leaders, business leaders and religious leaders) who also play a major role, working with schools takes time, energy and patience.  But more than anything, it requires being present and working closely with local leaders.  Because at the end of the day, educating young people is one of the most important things we do, and it is intensely personal and local for everyone involved.  This is why Eduscape works hard to have a local presence with the schools and districts we serve, through our team and our education partners.

Eduscape partners with Districts to Achieve Success 

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Leadership Development

Strategic planning and design to best support your school and district leaders

Technology Integration

Optimize technology resources with in-depth training and support

Wellness (SEL)

Teacher-led exercises and strategies for social-emotional development


A comprehensive  approach for implementing STEM throughout the curriculum


Personalized coaching support tailored to school and district implementation


A robust platform and collection of virtual and hybrid professional learning

Learn, collaborate and innovate with Eduscape.

Let's partner to discuss target areas of support and align your strategic planning with intentional professional learning, coaching and data-driven learning.

Your Why is our Focus.

When schools or districts give us the honor of selecting Eduscape to provide professional learning for their teachers, we make sure a plan is developed to meet the needs of every building and the unique audience they are serving.  Eduscape is unique because we are not focused on selling products - our focus is on solving customer problems.  We do that by always asking “What is the problem you are trying to solve”, and designing professional learning for teachers and administrators that is focused on addressing the specific problem that has been identified.

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