Learning Design by Eduscape

In addition to our many packaged professional learning solutions, Eduscape's expert staff of educators can create custom curricula tailor-made to your learning goals and needs. [need another sentence or two?]

The Eduscape Design Process

1. DISCOVER: Empathize with the Learner

Discovery is where we learn about your goals, expertise, and requirements through:

  • Intake Meetings
  • Artifact Review
  • Learner Stories

2. DEFINE & COLLABORATE: Research and Framing

This phase is to review our implementation plan and ensure all collaborators are clear on the goal of the project. This is also where we will determine feedback loops by engaging in a Success Plan Meeting.

Here we onboard all stakeholders involved in the project and build collective knowledge on the topic by conducting:

  • Subject Matter Expert Intake Meetings
  • Research and Framing
  • Project Management and Feedback Meetings

3. DESIGN & PROTOTYPE: Create Project

Our team begins the development of instructional content, digital design, and works through iterative feedback cycles. Development sprints involve meticulous project management and feedback meetings to produce:

  • Teacher-Facing Content 
  • Student-Facing Content 
  • Video Assets
  • Images and Graphics
  • Final Draft Review and Revision

4. ITERATE: Review and Improve

Your product goes through the publishing steps to take form in its digital environment, get finalized, and go live with users by:

  • Publishing
  • Testing and Feedback
  • Release

5. DELIVER: Launch and Evaluate

We value reflection and work to bring closure to this project by engaging in the Project Debrief Meeting.